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for information, would you post it on the internet? >> the answer would be no. >> no. this is a job for the cia. >> so let me ask you about the fbi on this. they are obviously involved because it was a u.s. ambassador so they waited three weeks until they visited the compound on october 4th because of security concerns. they say they weren't going to put agents in harm's way, they were worried. cnn as you know went to the compound before, found the ambassador's journal. by the time the fbi got there, would all the evidence have been compromised or -- >> sure. i mean, in an arson when a building burns down, it's a crime that consumes its own evidence. what the fbi needs to break a case like this is an informant. many informants. but in the old days they would put a wanted poster up in a post office. you can put it on the internet now. what will break a case like this is money. they can't put a suitcase full of cash on the table. cia could do that. >> and we would assume the cia is doing that, right? obviously as we all now are aware, three quarters of the americans that were in libya at the time
like this is money. they can't put a suitcase full of cash on the table. cia could do that. >> and we would assume the cia is doing that, right? obviously as we all now are aware, three quarters of the americans that were in libya at the time of the attack actually worked for the cia and not even the state department, right? >> one would hope they're on the case. obviously this is a case of extreme sensitivity. ambassadors don't get killed every day or every year, and it was a bungle. >> are they working together, do you think? so many people have fears, especially now you have petraeus losing his spot at the cia. in part because of work by the fbi. now, that's just a recent case that happened. but are they going to be working together, the way they should be? >> they have been able to work together in the past and they've done great things when they work together but throughout the 65-year history of the cia, they have often been at each other's throats and not cooperating. >> how much pressure is the fbi under to get this right? >> there's a dead american ambassador and three other
controversy that cost the c.i.a. director his job. for the first time we here hearing from the former general himself about his affair with paula broadwell. here is more on the letter he wrote to a friend and fellow general about that relationship. >> it's been almost three weeks since he stepped down as head of the c.i.a. after admitting he had a extramarital affair. we are hearing from the four-star general himself. in a personal letter to he was candid. >> he said dear jim, i can't thank you enough for your note. kind words and support. i can't tell you how much it all meant. i screwed up royally. i paid the price appropriately. >> long retired general james shelton has been friends with him for more than three decades. he said last week petraeus responded with this note. >> he will survive. i have obviously created enormous difficulty for us. >> he has been married for his wife for 38 years. they met when he was a student at west point and her father was the director there. he writes that holly is quote once again demonstrating how incredibly fortunate i was to marry her. her admission of
for information, would you post it on the internet? this is a job for the cia. >> they waited three weeks until they visited the compound on october 4th because of security concerns. they said they weren't going to put agents in harm's way. they were worried. cnn went to the compound before and found the ambassador's journal. would the evidence have been compromised. what the fbi needs is many informants. in the old days, they would want to put up a wanted poster. you can put it up on the internet now. what would break a case like this is money. >> one would hope they are on the case. obviously this is a case of extreme sensitivity and ambassadors don't get killed every day or every year and it was a bungle. it was, you know -- >> are they working together, do you think? >> oh, gosh. >> especially now, you have petraeus losing his spot at the cia, and that's a recent case that happened. and throughout the 65-year history of cia, they have often been at each other's throats and not cooperative. >> how much pressure is the fbi under to get this right? >> there's a dead american ambassador and thr
habla de los logros . >> en carta a un amigo de la cia dijo que cometió un gran error . >> en las naciones unidas le dieron nuevo estatus a la unidad palestina, volvemos. ♪ >>> el presidente de mÉxico calderÓn dijo adios a los mexicanos tras 6 aÑos de gobierno, y destacÓ sus logros a travÉs de de un video, y no mencionÓ su cruenta guerra contra narcotraficantes que deja decenas de muertos. edgar muÑÓz nos cuenta de lo bueno y malo del mandatario calderÓn. >>> el presidente calderÓn se aventÓ de una tirolesa, le cantaron las golondrÍanas y a travÉs de un video agradeciÓ al paÍs a dos dias de entregar el gobierno. dijo por primera vez que su principal esfuerzo fue por la salud, y evitÓ mencionar su cruzada contra la delincuencia. >>> gracias a todos los soldados, marinos, los ministerios pbeo valientes. >>> acaba con una calificaciÓn de 7.2. similar al 7.5 con el que arrancÓ su gestion. >>> los mexicanos apreciaron mucho todo lo que tiene que ver con infraestructura, programas sociales, lo que tiene que ver con salud. pero el saldo es negativo. pero el 66% de los
conservadoras esta abriendo las puertas a la comunidad homosexual, la cia ha empezado a reclutar personal gay les diremos por quÉ este cambio, maÑana el noticiero telemundo. >> muy muchÍsimas personas beber una taza de cafÉ es incentivo para lugares pÚblicos pero que sucede cuando la taza de cafÉ cuesta 7 dÓlares? angie sandoval saliÓ en bÚsqueda de res punpur. >> es la hora del almuerzo y para muchos significa gastar mÁs lo que quisiera. >>> una taza de cafÉ por 7 dÓlares estÁ muy cara. >> es lo que cuesta uno taza de un nuevo cafÉ procedente de costa rica que es compaÑÍa ofrece de forma limitada por la ra rareza del grano, dice el este aficionado. >> estas pagando por la calidad. >> pero hay un cafÉ mejor que otro. a noche el comediante engaÑÓ algunos residentes de hollywood pidiendo que tomaron un cafÉ de clase superior. >> cuando en realidad tomaban uno comÚn y corriente. >> 7 dÓlares por un cafÉ parece una broma en algunos cafÉs del paÍs. >> para ricardo zabala. >> no son todos los cafÉs iguales como podemos en cualquier restaurante. >> su familia vino a miami d
. short time ago i talked about that with the former cia officer, bob baer and cnn national security contributor, fran townsend. the u.s. ambassador to syria, robert ford, confirmed that the obama administration is considering deeper intervention to help the rebels in syria, something that to date, it's been loathe to do. no decision has been made at least not yet, we're told. what do you make of this? it would certainly be a dramatic policy shift. >> it would, wolf, but in some ways, it's too late. it's awfully, there are real consequences to the fact we waited and acted through allies. this has been a real crisis along the turkish border. we worked with our arab allies in saudi arabia and qatar but meanwhile, the vacuum that's been created while the assad regime annihilates its own people, the bloodshed that's taken place, has created this vacuum. the lack of western action, not just u.s. but also its allies, and allowed people like al qaeda to get in there and extremists and insert themselves. it's become a much more dangerous situation. we have seen the developments today with ta
needs to get off the dime and what we need is this. cia operatives on the ground to make sure weapons we supply go to grownups who want a rule of law democracy, not to islamists who want a poor man's saudi avaib yeah. megyn: both the president and the vice president in the debate specifically denied that we have shipped any arm that have wound up in the hands of the terrorists who have tried to exploit the power vacuum. the "new york times" reported that's not true, that we haven't done it directly and that we have been shipping the arms to saudi arabia and other countries like qatar and they have been giving them to the bad guise in syria. the freedom fightsers, the assad regime and the terrorists trying to he can moisture this fight and maybe do a power grab. but how is coming in now going to work exactly? if we don't put the cia operatives on the ground who will supervise where our arms wind up? >> if we have no grown up western supervision on the ground i wouldn't send a single bullet into syria. it will be funneled by the turks to the islamists. and this is tragic because the inacti
to unclassified access on the c.i.a. talking points and classified information and now a leading republican in the senate tells fox the classified information including a daily brief of the president containing the most highly classified intelligence and in this case included evidence of al qaeda involvement in the benghazi attack. here is senator collins speaking to fox news. >> she had access to the full presidential daily brief on intelligence so she was well informed and knew that our intelligence community felt there were ties to al qaeda affiliates involves in the attack. >>reporter: aside from rice's role in the controversy a second report focuses on her financial holdings along with her husband. with a combined net worth reported to be in excess $30 million their stock includes companies that recently did business with iran. the foundation that analyzes the finances of government leaders says her holdings have been out there for better part of a year but only got a second look this week. >> because she is such a controversy as a nominee this is magnified. every potential appointee,
intelligence on the benghazi attack, including the controversial c.i.a. talking points, as well as classified information. now leading republican in the senate tells fox that the classified information included the president's daily brief. from the 16 intelligence agencies, the top secret document including evidence of terrorist involvement. >> she had access to the full presidential daily brief. on intelligence. so she was well informed. and knew that our intelligence community felt that there were ties to al-qaeda affiliates that were involved in the attacks. >> earlier in week, democrats defended rice, questioning why it took so long for the intelligence community to assess there was no demonstration. citing two critical pieces of data. >> the interview with the people on the ground, as well as the video evidence. that took time. in some cases days, in some cases more than a week. that accounted for a lot of inaccurate information initially. one of the questions that i asked is why did it take as long as it did. >> aside from the benghazi controversy, a new report focuses on rice's financi
is that there were witnesses from the state department, the cia, and the defense department and senator lieberman believes that military assets were not close and part of this back and forth in washington over budget cuts is to blame. >> this really goes to the budget debates that are going on now. because the american military is stretched. >> other critics question whether the administration's pivot to asia had an impact with benghazi simply put that these assets were just too far out of the way. the defense department has said repeatedly they moved what they had as quickly as they could that night, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge in washington. well, the u.s. could transfer all of the detainees at guantanamo bay here to the united states without jerp could i jeopardizing national security at all. that's the word from the head of the senate intelligence committee. the california democrat dianne feinstein said she asked the government accountability office to look into whether american prisons would handle detainees and she says the answer jevment gao report makes clear prison does exist in
previously and not only the fiscal cliff but the susan rice. send her down there. send the cia down there. we are not moving and we are not going to let yougo get away with villinizing our administration a new obama going into the next 4iers. i am hoping we will see a lot more progressive reforms because of it. >> i hope you are right, too. we talked about this. something i want to get to at the top of the hour. obama has every reason right? to feel the power and exercise the power. every day -- i mean he won. okay? he won on november 6th, the popular vote the electoral vote overwhelmingly but i didn't realize there are still millions of votes still uncounted and every day, his margin keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. he is now a 51%, and romney is at 47%. there is something magic about the 47%. right? >> beautifully reviewed up. it's so good >> bill: the fact he ends up part of the 47%. obama, 51%. he beat romney by more than george bush beat john kerry in 2004. >> that's a solid, solid victory. he has a mandate. >> i think he definitely has
close sure of a cia base. they're protracking the war, not us. the issue is somehow is this unfair? what is to be gained by taking the enemy combatants in guantanamo and putting them with prisoners in the military or federal system who are criminals? the people at guantanamo bay are not criminals. they're enemy combatants there as a result of a war. bill: senator feinstein argues that you have a 180 terrorists now being housed in maximum security prisons here in the u.s. but your point is well-taken. if you were to apprehend those responsible for killing our ambassador in libya and three others where would you take them? isn't guantanamo the best option? melissa: it absolutely is. it provides the isolation. listen all review bodies look at guantanamo through the years, believe it is highly regarded well-run facility protections the rights to anyone there. anyone been there, our detainees are treated there better than anybody in our federal and military systems in the united states. bill: democratic senate voted with kelly ayotte, republican from new hampshire. this is almost night fall.
-awaqi was killed by the c.i.a. in a drone strike in yemen. yet, if it's being interpreted, as we have heard by some of my colleagues represented here, the feinstein amendment were interpreted the way they have interpreted it, if al-awaqi made it to america to commit these terrorist acts, he gets his miranda rights, he gets all his rights here, but yet if he is in yemen committing acts to try to kill americans and our allies, then we can use a drone attack to him, but if he makes it to america -- which, by the way, the terrorists want to make it to america. 9/11 is exhibit a of that. why we would want to be in a position to read them their miranda rights, tell them you have the right to remain silent, our priority there has to be protecting american lives. that's the distinction between the law of war and a law with a common criminal in this country. and by the way, there are protections under the law. it's the right of habeas corpus where you do have a right to challenge your detention before the federal court with appeals with counsel, and that is certainly a protection that we have respected in t
of state, call up the director of the cia, get together with the relevant congressional oversight committee and say what happened, how do we fix it? let's make sure we can go better and not lose diplomats. >> if for some reason you did get another phone call -- you have gotten one before from the president of the united states, saying he would like you to serve as secretary of state. >> would you do it? >> i don't play the hypothetical game. we have moved on. my history has always spoken to putting my country first. and if i didn't, my two sons at the u.s. naval academy would never forgive me. the president will choose who he wa wants. and it serves no purpose playing the speculation game. >> that's interesting, who would you recommend for that sort of position? >> if you were obama, who would you pick? >> final question. >> it does no good to play the name game. >> you can dodge my question but not abby's. >> let's say this about the future. the future isn't afghanistan or iraq but how well prepared we are to meet the 21st century challenges of competitiveness. that will be economics, educ
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)